He currently holds the position of Program Director of the Wasatch Beekeeping Association which includes preparing monthly classes on intermediate to advanced beekeeping topics.  This position also instructs and educates local club beekeepers through a class training held once a month.

His job of Program Director for the Wasatch Beekeeping Association requires that he arranges training, education, development of the club, sustaining the club through activities, giving a positive image of beekeeping to the community and involved with community presentations to non-beekeepers.  Albert is the Western Apicultural Society Director for Utah for 2015.  He is a bee removal specialist in Utah.

In construction industry for over 25 years, where he developed the patent pending Eco Bee Box the most modern beehive in the industry, needs little to no maintenance, no paint, can’t warp and uses local lumber. His bee boxes are easily repaired and extremely durable, made to outlast the beekeeper!  He is currently marketing this highly innovative product throughout North America and the World.