Save the Date!

Wyoming Bee University and Bee College Conference will be March 16, 17, and 18, 2018 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They are open to everyone and every level of Bee Interest or Beekeeping.

Curious about honeybees, beekeeping, improving your current beekeeping skills or gardening for bees?  Open to everyone concerned about the welfare of honeybees or native bees.

Kids 7 to 15 who are working with an adult beekeeper or 4-H leader learning the craft of beekeeping get free admission with a paying adult.

The 2018 conference is bigger.  Now offering the Wyoming Bee University with a choice of four all day workshops on Friday, March 16.   Registration can be separate from the Bee College or you can sign up for a package deal.  Cost of the Bee University is $125/person.

Wyoming Bee University

  • Date:  March 16, 2018 (Friday)
  • Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Cost:
    $125/person for Wyoming Bee University
    $85/person for Wyoming Bee College (see details below)
    $195/person for Wyoming Bee University and College Package Deal
  • Registration:
  • Workshops: choose from four All Day Workshops
    • Apitherapy with Frederique Keller MS. L. Ac. President of the American Apitherapy Society.  Frederique will cover how to use raw honey, beebread, pollen, royal jelly, and propolis. During the afternoon get into bee venom accompanied by practical workshops treating various health conditions. Participants gain a tremendous amount of knowledge & confidence in utilizing the bee products to treat their friends & family safely along with legal issues.
    • Make Mead like a Professional, in mead making you will cover:
      • Proper use of sulfur dioxide, k-meta and SO2
      • Why sanitation is important
      • How much honey to water use
      • Different types of yeast
      • Different types of honey and how they can influence the outcome of your mead
      • What equipment will be needed?
      • How long it takes for great mead and why your patience will be rewarded.
      • There is a lot of information on the internet; internet-Myths will be busted on mead making.
    • Long live the Queen with instructor Melanie Kirby owner of Zia Queenbee Company.  A one-day workshop will present and address question about raising your own queens.  What it takes to rear high quality queens. Basic biology and various methods of queen rearing will be presented. The workshops emphasize hands on instruction in queen rearing methods, with lecture and demonstrations. Students will be involved in various steps including setting up cell builders, grafting, and establishing mating nuclei.
    • Advancing you beekeeping skills, setting the stage for being a Master Beekeeper. Beekeeping is challenging, many things can go wrong during the seasons keeping bees. The craft as animal husbandry and beekeepers need to take their skills to the next level to be successful.  Instructor, Scott Debnam will help you hone your skill with a peak into what it takes to become a Master Beekeeper. Topics covered: the details of record keeping, Bee Nutrition, Nosema, Varroa, Advanced Honey Bee Anatomy and Genetics, Natural Beekeeping and more.  Requirements: Must be a current beekeeper with basic beekeeping skills, have two or more hives and minimum of two years’ experience.  This is not a beginner program.

Wyoming Bee College

  • Date: March 17 and 18, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Location:  Cheyenne, Wyoming
  • Cost:
    $85/person for Wyoming Bee College
    Bee Buddies (kids 7-15) with a paying adult are free
    $125/person for Wyoming Bee University (see details above)
    $195/person for Wyoming Bee University and College Package Deal
  • Registration:

The Bee College offers five (5) tracks on day one and four (4) tracks on the second day.  We are pleased to offer three great keynote speakers and topics this year.

Keynote Speakers

Opening on Saturday, Bee Girl Organization Sarah Red-Laird with the lasts on education programs, research project and university collaboration on the advancement of saving bees.

Saturday night will be a mid-century fun look at Hollywood and Entomology, History of the 1950”s “BIG BUG” Science Fiction Movies with Dr. Raymond Cloyd.

Sunday morning, American Foul Brood, a cure on the horizon, no more bonfires with Dr. Sandra Hope from BYU.

Day One

Beekeeping 101.  An all-day workshop learning the basics of beekeeping from a local third generation Master Beekeeper, Carolyn Nyarady DVM. This class will cover bee biology, disease identification, seasonal care of your bees, what bees need when there are no flowers, hive designs, equipment needed and costs.  This class will get you started with the craft of beekeeping.

Beekeeping 102: Years 2 and 3. “What I wish I had known, but didn’t even know what I didn’t know” –wow! A discussion on details to help you with your bees.  This track will cover; in-depth views of dealing with bees that are ready to swarm, splitting hives, and varroa mites, plus much more.

Journeyman Level: Years 4 and on Two tracks with many choices to mix and match:  Scott Debnam from Montana State University on “What to expect each Season – seasonal management of you bees“. Choices to Make, bees to buy with David Lewis, Top-Bar beekeeping with Marin Hardison, Honey Extraction, Making Money with Honey.  We will tackle the controversy of Pesticides and Bee Safety with Dr. Raymond Cloyd from Kansas State University.

Conservation tracks, gardening for bees – don’t have much of a green thumb, but want to feed hungry bees learn gardening basics, then move on to Flower Power what to plant that will feed your bees both native and honey along with a few butterflies. Than a train-the-trainer workshop with Bee-Girl Sarah Red-Laird on getting youth involved in bees.  Than wrap up the afternoon with bee identification on alternative pollinators.

Day Two

Day two keeps building on what you learned: Dealing with Nosema and Varroa, finding and installing packages of bees, honey extraction, different hive style choices, winter beekeeping, and food safety.  New to beekeeping? David Birozy talks about; how to be successful and avoid the pit falls, he has experienced.  We will deal with; swarms and hands on workshop dealing with bee’s wax, with a take home small candle.

Bee Buddies, kids between 7 and 15 who are working with an adult beekeeper or 4-H leader learning the craft of beekeeping.  They get free admission with a paying adult.